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I’m a happy, optimistic wife, mom, teacher, and writer living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am a fervent follower of Jesus Christ and am blessed to call the fantastic, always intriguing city of Portland, Oregon, my home. I homeschool my children and am passionate about finding new and exciting ways to instill a love of learning in my offspring. I am also inspired by my first son, David, to advocate for and support autism research, as he was diagnosed on the spectrum at age three. Last year, we embarked on the Feingold Program (a diet that eliminates aritificial dyes, artificial flavors, and some preservatives) to help our autistic son. It ended up helping our whole family, and since then, we have been progressively moving towards clean eating and healthier living. I love learning about nutrition and am always looking for ways to improve the way we live.

Dandelion Bouquets is a place for me to share my thoughts on the things that matter to me most.  Here I relate our adventures in healthier eating and living, describe what it’s like to parent an autistic child, explore my faith in God, and share our homeschooling experiences.  Of course, there are bound to be pictures and anecdotes of the family scattered in here and there.  I hope the things I post are helpful, insightful, and thought-provoking.

Let’s connect! Please let me know you stopped in by leaving a comment.  I’d love to “meet’ you!

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